Change for Good Crash Course:
Social Marketing Fundamentals

Apply the fundamentals of marketing for behavior change to health and social issues.

If you work in the public or social sector, you are likely charged with the massive task of tackling complex problems with miniscule resources and a vague directive to make a difference. The social marketing process can focus and streamline your efforts, saving you time and money, by offering a systematic approach that incorporates insights from behavioral science and the business world.

The Change for Good Crash Course is a unique online training that gives you the knowledge and skills you need to design an effective social marketing strategy for your program. The web-based format allows you to progress at your own speed, quickly gaining an understanding of how social marketing works and taking the time you need to apply the lessons to your own issue.

Here are what some participants have said after taking the course:

💬 “Very informative and gives great advice for creating your own campaign. It felt like you were talking directly to me about my issue even though you used general terms and gave a wide variety of examples. I came up with at least four great additions to my grant proposal triggered by the advice from this course.”

💬 “A great balance of theory, practical insights and solid advice. Vivid case studies. Empowering.”

💬 “It gave me a good foundation in social marketing to move forward with in the education and outreach components of my job.”

The Change for Good Crash Course covers social marketing fundamentals, and includes:

  • Five topic units focusing on the most important concepts you need to know, including more than 20 video lessons (5-10 minutes each)
  • Hands-on exercises in each lesson that help you start applying the concepts to your issue immediately – with a bonus 28-page Participant Workbook
  • Access to the Social Marketing University Commons – a private Facebook group of social marketers and SMU alumni where you can ask questions, share your ideas from the course, and have ongoing access to Nedra and exclusive content she shares
  • Downloadable audio files (MP3) of each lesson so you can listen to them on the go
  • Downloadable slides and handouts from each lesson for reference after you watch the videos
  • Unlimited access to the course, so you can always go back and replay the sections that are relevant to what you’re working on
  • Your own personal secure login access to the course site so you can track your progress and pick up where you left off each time


Since 1995, Social Marketing University® founder Nedra Weinreich has trained thousands of professionals and students in the strategy and implementation of social marketing programs. The Change for Good Crash Course is a distillation of her in-person trainings, along with her book Hands-On Social Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Change for Good.


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